Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm not sure of my official results, but when they're posted they should be here. The first race I did I may have finished in the top ten, but in the second race (an hour later) I just couldn't keep up. My ribs got really sore after the first race so I popped a pain pill. That slowed me down a bit. With two laps to go in the last race and with all the fantastic cheerers yelling "come on single speed!", I got my second wind and was riding really well. This year they ran the course through a deep sand volleyball court twice in one lap; I was able to ride through it all but once. I was cornering decently too. The new wheels and drop bar felt awesome(Thanks Jordyn!). I was quite pleased to see that a fellow San Jose rider won the first race. Bearded too! I guess I came in second for the bearded single speed category...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boo Boo

Though they didn't have to pull my skin off like this poor creature (I ripped-up enough on my own), I did have to sit around in the hospital for two and a half hours. I spent all day avoiding the ER after I took a nasty crash while mountain biking. In avoiding the hospital, I was quite productive building some lovely celeste wheels for my cyclo-cross bike though (pictures to come). Turns out, I have a minor fracture to a lower rib, but the area that hurts the most is just bruised. Damn rocks!