Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A nice gesture.

Me** in ECCC Championship Crit, Hanover, NH, 2008. My best/last road race. Photo: LAW

I recently gifted my beloved road frame (seen above) to a good friend. This leaves me without a road bike to compete in my last (hopefully) collegiate road season. I fully understood this consequence when I pieced it out. My interest in road cycling has been greatly overshadowed by my enjoyment of mountain and cross riding anyway. I had fun racing road and was even getting competitive. I just appreciate the laid-back atmosphere/mentality of racing with knobby tires more.

A friend I made through racing road, from another team, just found out about my situation (sans road bike). We competed together the past two years and he even stayed at my house for several cycling related events. Last year, after moving up a category, he told me he missed racing with me. Now, with the prospect of not seeing me at the races at all, he offered me not only his old bike, but his brothers too! Here's an excerpt from an email he sent me (I told him that I planned on becoming an official):

"after much thought, i've decided if your interested, the orange cannondale caad 7 i raced last year is yours for the collegiate season- that bike is just too good to be sitting in my closet as a backup bike for the season, just as your too good a racer to have on the sideline officiating."

I respectfully declined and was quite flattered. Thanks Lenny!

**special note: pink shorts with Nicole on side are indeed PSU shorts. Nicole was a scholarship fund named after Nicole Reinhart, accomplished cyclist who died while racing. Pink and black are original Penn State colors.

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