Sunday, March 13, 2011

Race Report - Comfort

Seventh out of Nine. That's what I got in the race in Comfort. I felt good. Early on I fought for third and was feeling strong. One and two are powerhouses and know the terrain, so I couldn't hold their wheels for long. The race was two big loops with the connector near the finish. Figure eight style. As I was coming into the transition I got a puncture on my rear tire. It would not plug up, I kept losing air, time, and places. Just before that happened I let a Bicycle Sport Shop rider pass, I was sitting in Fourth. Once it plugged up and held air I just concentrated on riding smooth and cleaning the Texas tech bits. I wasn't chasing but I made sure I didn't get caught by the last two either. Fun trails. Tons of Agarita and tall grass to scrape by through turns. Lots of ledgey sections to pop up and over or drop off of. Almost all open, but it was thankfully cool and cloudy.
I spent the night before continuing to meet the B. Sport crew and drinking a free keg of Agave Wheat, compliment of the Specialized Rep., Wiley.

Bumper sticker on pick-up on the way back read: "Vote Biblically". Not sure what that means.

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