Friday, February 17, 2012

Trans-sylvania Epic

Yet another warm winter day. Still focused on Southern Cross next week, I took the nature boy out to Sal's to gingerly hop and weave through rocks. Not too bad without the snow, but certainly slower goin' on skinny tires.

Looking forward, I'm super excited to be signed up and committed to the Trans-sylvania Epic stage race. Come May 19th, I'll be returning to PA to help with, then race 7 days on the hallowed grounds I learned how to mountain bike. A fully supported event, I'll wake up everyday to a different course, each one under 50 miles, encompassing some of the best singletrack in the area, or even country. No doubt, it will be a serious feat of fortitude to complete, but the way I figure it that's what this here body is for!

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