Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Training Grounds?

Drove out to Lake Russell WMA today to explore its cluster of trails and gravel roads. I was not disappointed. Three hours of well marked and fun riding. And there's plenty of ground I haven't covered. Trails were mostly navigable by cross bike.


Glad I didn't end up in the creek twenty feet below. The final trail I took, the one I threw caution to the wind to take back to my truck with no water and fading legs, was beautiful all in all, meandering up and through seeps, a narrow bench cut perched above a picturesque stream. It was not, however, in the best shape, with many trees down, or ideal for riding, with awkward drops and bends.

The other trails I rode were wide, relatively smooth, and fast at times.

Only about twenty minutes away, I imagine I'll be going there to ride as much as I can this Spring. There's a good bit more to explore. Finding a route to ride there would be ideal as well...

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