Friday, August 1, 2008


I've recently completed the epic Wilderness 101. It is a hundred mile mountain bike race here in central PA that goes through state forests on single-track and fire roads. The week leading up to the race was not the best preparation. I lead a backpacking trip for the Orion program and did not get much sleep. Nevertheless, I pulled through in just under thirteen hours last Saturday, completing one the hardest physical endeavors I have ever put my body through.

Thanks are in order! I pushed the pedals, but I could not have gotten through the day without the advice, encouragement, compassion, and work from the following people.

Frank M.
Eric D.
Rachel, Jess, Alyssa (Trail Angels!)
And of course Chaya and Coco!

Extra Special Thanks to:

E. Roman- I didn't do it on my San Jose, but I agreed to do it because of you. Thanks for pushing me to be a stronger cyclist. Thank you for all the fitting/technical advice. One more "death march" down!

- Thank You for looking into the mountain bikes for me. The Sok was awesome! I needed some spare tubes the day before the race, but the real reason I came into the shop was for a pep-talk from you : ) I needed some words of encouragement and you came through to help ease my mind. Luckily I never had to use the Pringles patch.

Scott W.- The aide stations were full service because of you. You told me what I needed to replenish my body and were so incredibly helpful. It was so good to have you around at the stations! I owe you and Ieva some PBR pounders ; )

Mom/Dad- Thanks for driving 3 hours to see your crazy son in another race. It always means a lot when you're there cheering for me.

Leah- I would've changed my mind that night if it wasn't for your attempts to "lighten me up". From the dinner to driving me there and back, your presence, hard work, and compassion was genuinely appreciated. I would have slept in Saturday if you didn't push me. Thank You...for everything.

Check out Leah's pictures of the race here.