Sunday, June 8, 2008

A weekend with the boys and a bike.

The weekend began in Bethlehem with some coffee downtown then a fine home cooked meal. We then made our way to T-town, threw some back and went to the now infamous Macungie Pub. Not sure how we got back, but there was karaoke, many shots and plenty of PBR. In a haze the next morning , Brent and I drove a block to the oven that was the Trexlertown Velodrome. We baked in the high ninety degree weather and had a good time racing. With some cash from his mother, we got some fine food at the Coopersburg diner as we drove down to Southampton in the afternoon heat. Showered, repacked, then rolled out on our brakeless fixies to the train station. Our urban assualt on Philth-adelphia began at Temple and ended up in Manayunk. We navigated our way with courier bags full of beer and all sorts of sweat pouring out of us.

Saturday night was chill at first, then got interesting at these "pimp-ass condo's" where a friend of a friends old frat brothers were throwing down. Many more of the fine brew, PBR, were had. We even chilled out on the roof of this place that looked out over all of Philly. Sunday was the pro cycling race, with just as much heat as Saturday. We had a late morning because our hosts couch and air conditioning were quite comfy. Our bikes were ogled all day and once in a while we returned the favor. The race was pretty cool, especially since there were some current Penn State riders and alum's racing. We probably got twenty miles of fixed gear fun in on Sunday, all said. Cooked was the most appropriate adjective for how we felt. Train ride back to Southampton, another family meal, then we returned to State College via the four wheeling, gas guzzling method.

Here are some quotes from the weekend:

"He has the voice of an Angel..."

"I got so shelled!"

"Can I get a chocolate milkshake, please? Two straws."

"That roof was the tits!"

"Dude, I'm so cooked."

"We definately need some coffee."

"We need to get some more Wa before we leave this area."

"Brent, are you riding safe?"

"Yo guy!"

"Thanks pal-sy"

"My grandparents are going to think I'm gay now."