Thursday, June 11, 2009

NYCMTB All City Classic - Race report

So yes, I got third, but here's a more substantial race report:

All weekend I was stressing about driving into the city. I've never driven into NYC before and generally get nervous driving in urban areas. Much to my surprise, it was quite easy; especially at 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning. We got there with plenty of time to spare. I wasn't able to pre-ride the course, but I got a decent warm up in.

The course (pictured below) began with a long paved hill that failed to stretch the single-speeders out much at all. I got the hole-shot at the top when the course turned to single-track. I lost my first place position all of ten feet into the trail section when my super-reliable(up to this point) tubeless front-tire flatted. All 8 other single-speeders passed right by. I just burped all the air out on a rocky section I was not expecting. The course was hard! I was not expecting it to be so technical. After I fumbled around with my front wheel, wasted my CO2 canister, borrowed a pump from some kid with a broken derailleur hanger, and started riding again, I figured I was well out of contention. I chose to keep riding, enjoy the day, and get my money's worth.

If you look at the map below, all the tight twisty stuff on the right are the trails. The long straight stretches on the left, under the logos, are either sidewalk or dirt roads. We did three and a half laps. By the time I did a full lap and got back to the trail sections, I began wondering if I could catch up. I started passing people. The last two laps I passed 4 people, but thought I passed three, and didn't account for 2 people dropping out. So we left soon after I finished, not thinking that I actually got third. I was a little over a minute from second place.

Oh well, at least they listed my name for the Cat 2 SS podium in the NYCMTB race report.

Downsides to the race:
-tons of broken glass
-even more poison ivy
-mud you don't want to get in your mouth

-challenging trails with some neat features
-friendly, cheering marshals
-scenic stretch next to river
-absolutely unique experience

Definitely going back next year.

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