Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Another week of training is almost over and Austin is on the mind. Heading to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show on Saturday and hopefully meeting up with my friend Bill of I'm looking forward to hanging out with another friend from State College as well who actually lives there. She's the one who's being so nice and letting me sleep on her floor. Tons of stuff going on. A lot I want to do, but I need to realize that I can't cram it all into one weekend.

Training is going by so fast. Students will be here in no time and I need to plan for the summer as well. Such is the life when doing seasonal work.

Best part of today....learning night activities and making our own goals for the season. The night activities focus on developing and learning about night vision, taking in the surroundings, honing your senses in the dark. Fun, peaceful activities. Definitely things that take kids out of their element. Taking a moment as a group to think about our goals for the season helped frame everything. Since it's moving so fast, it has been too easy to forget why we're doing this and what we want out of it. Being outside, around cool people, and in a cool place. Sure. This was an opportunity to think beyond those.

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