Saturday, February 12, 2011

Houston and Onward

So I got sick once I arrived in Houston. My body must've known that it arrived at a familiar, comfortable place, and it just gave in. It has been freezing all week here, so it wouldn't have been much fun to go explore anyway. I spent most of the week inside, playing with the nephews, sleeping, and eating...a lot.

Yesterday it got warmer finally and I forced myself to get out and ride, eventhough the flu wasn't entirely kicked. In Houston, a place that always gets a bad rap in my circle of friends, I was able to leave the front door, ride a few miles on a bike path and find a network of trails that were challenging and fun. I was impressed. And I was pleased to find out that Houston isn't completely hopeless. This site helped further ease my mind. This place has more green spaces than I previously thought.

Tomorrow I head to Marble Falls and begin staff training. But before I get there, I'm stopping at another pocket of trails called Muleshoe Bend. It's right across Lake Travis from where I'll be working. I figure it'll be a good way to start the big day. Get my head on straight.

Everyone has been telling me that I will love it where I'm going. Finally I get to find out for myself.

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