Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quick Race updates

Full Tilt in Telluride was a waste of money and time. 30+ miles of boring, wide, sidewalk-like trails. It began with a straight up climb that put me well in the back and gasping for whatever air I could get. Blah. Moving on...

Breck 68 was this Saturday. This was what I really had my sights on and it did not disappoint. Doable climbs, unending singletrack, and high mountain passes just above 11,000'. Finished in 7hrs 38mins and took 8th place. I felt strong, never went down, and didn't get any cramps. All in all a great endurance race experience.

Plenty of people from PA out for the event. One of them told me about my next adventure by bike: MFSL

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