Wednesday, July 6, 2011

T-ride from Tom Boy

Branching off of one of towns central residential roads is Tom Boy Road. It climbs up to one of the highest road passes in the US (so I've been told), Imogene Pass just above 13,000". I tried riding up it one day and got, oh, about a third of the way. I realized it was more than a one bottle/no food ride. I definitely got above 10,000 feet, certainly the highest I've ridden myself to thus far. These pics show town down the valley and Bridal Veil falls at the end of the box canyon. One of these days I'll make it all the way up!

Oh yea....this was still with a 33x18 on my bike. Tough. Also, less than a mile up this road was a great place to watch 4th fireworks, which were, like the landscapes here, to a stunning scale. The 4 F-16's, one after another, that buzzed down the valley and main street during the parade were certainly amazing as well.

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