Monday, April 16, 2012

Georgia's attempt at Raystown

An hour away, in more far reaches of Georgia, some mountain bikers got together and built some lakeside trails. Later on, some nudists combined forces to put on a race there. Fantastic.

For me, wide, smooth, lake side trail systems will forever be compared to PA's Allegrippis trails at Raystown lake. And when for you "mountain biking" means "rocks" and the challenge of picking a line , this fast, presumably well flowing format of trail doesn't quite do it. Sadly, I re-affirmed this at Paynes Creek.

Places like Muleshoe and Pace Bend on the other hand... well they not only give ya the fast, flowy bits, but also some sweet tight, twisty singletrack and proper technical rock stretches. Of course, they're in Texas, a state with 90+% of it's land privately owned, so you have to pay to ride at these parks. This sure ain't Texas though....sometimes that's a good thing.

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