Monday, April 23, 2012

NC to GA?

This weekend I was out at a conference and opted for the 90mile, mid-day departure, road ride back to Toccoa. I'd throw up a mapmyride route, explain the beautiful route from high Blue Ridge mountains to South Carolina Piedmont,  but....I was utterly unprepared for heavy rain and a drop into the 50's. Not far from the SC/NC line (pictured above) I took cover in the Caesar's Head park office, already on my way to hypothermia, as dense fog turned to sheets of cold rain. I was on the very crest before dropping several hundred feet to the light rollers of mile 60 and on (apparently going up this is a popular training climb). By my original calculations, this was where it got easy. Weather determined that this wasn't the case without a lot more clothes though. So a friendly extraction and return back to Hendersonville was on order. Although it was a failed attempt at a ride home, it got across how sweet the riding is up towards Pisgah.

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