Thursday, May 24, 2012

Male Escort

I'm back in State College and I made it just in time to lead out my good friend Tom on his bike tour to a wedding, to family and friends, and to some new head-space across country. We rolled out towards R.B. Winter State Park, his first stop, at a pace that he was quick to admit probably won't happen much. There were words of encouragement passed on, strategies discussed, and laughs shared. 
 The first push-off. Feel that frame flex with 80+ pounds loaded!
Our procession out of town ran the full gamut of cycling, including our friend Scott on his single-speed mountain bike, me on my flashy italian road bike, and Tom spinning the already well-traveled LHT
 Scott Woods threw a leg over his commuter to push us out of town. He gave Tom an extra challenge: Stairs. 

All smiles. 

Both steel...Very different rides.

Out past Centre Hall, I teased him long enough with the company of another cyclist and had to Blue Ball him, so I peeled off and up the appropriately named road. 

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