Friday, May 25, 2012

Ready yet? TSE prep

I've been out clearing trails the past two days. And I have more down logs to cut before the prologue Sunday. Even simply working on these short stretches has gotten me pretty damn excited to be back and racing next week. Now it's time to start getting into racer-ish mode. 

Back up Maxxis tires? Check. 

FM jersey? Check.

Spare brake pads? Check.

An assortment of fuels? Check. 

Purple Lizard map? Um, duh. Check. 

Shoes that aren't falling apart and helmet without cracks? Check and... Check. 

Oh yes, and freshly serviced pedals that just arrived today. 

I gotta thank Kazz and Alex C. of the Faster Mustache crew for getting me my helmet and lending a jersey. Also, a huge shout out to Chris at Loose Nuts for overnighting them shoes to me. 

Surely I'm still missing something....


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dellyk1 said...

Pecan Pinwheels and BBQ! Gabro and I wish ya good luck tomorrow! You gunna kill it! :D