Saturday, November 24, 2012

2013 race schedule on the mind

Living back in Colorado, this time for a full year (maybe longer) rather than the quick summer in 2011, has got me doing some serious shopping for 2013 races. Diving into endurance racing with the Wilderness 101 back in PA, then attempting an NUE 4pack to qualify in the series back in 2010, makes it hard to let go of that series. It's just a ton of traveling to pull together 4 races living out west. There are plenty of ridiculously hard, fun, and in some cases free races right here in CO. Hm, but I'd sure love to see what a year living and riding above 7,000' would do to a finishing time back east...

With the aforementioned tubeless wheels built up for my cross bike and a renewed excitement for riding it,  the gravel grinder format also has quite a bit of pull. Reading about the Dirty Kanza and Crusher in the Tushar in XXC Mag certainly piqued my interest.

Sadly, the work schedule doesn't allow for any stage races. I'd love to return to the 2013 edition of TSE  or take on the Breck Epic, but don't have the time. 

I'm also searching out teams as well. Care to add an endurance single-speeder to your roster anyone? I certainly enjoyed wearing the cog skull and cross bacon jersey of Faster Mustache this year, but considering the fact that I'm no longer living in the GA, it seems time to move on.

A mostly unrealistic, yet desirable list of potential 2013 races:

March True Grit Epic, UT (

April 6th or 7th(?) AntiEpic Gravel Grinder 150, CO (

April 18hr of Fruita, CO (

April 28th(?) Cohutta 100 Ducktown, TN (

April Whiskey 50 Prescott, AZ (

May Desert RATS 100k Fruita, CO (

June 1st Dirty Kanza, KS (

July Breckenridge 100, CO (

July 13th Crusher in the Tushar, UT (

July Wilderness 101, PA (

July Kennebec Pass Enduro, CO (

August Pierre’s Hole 100, WY (

September Park City P2P, UT (

September 8th(?) Vapor Trail 125 Salida, CO (

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