Saturday, February 2, 2013

schwag n'at

Finally sold the redline frameset I've been toting around for the past couple years on ebay. Shipped it through Bikeflights of course. Billy built this little business up in State College then took it out to Portland. It was great to catch up with him on the phone for a bit after I placed my order via his site. 

A week or two passed and I found this package waiting for me in the mail room. 

Lo and behold, Billy hooked it up with some schwag. 

I can never have too many black bike themed tshirts, but the second piece really took it to a whole new level. Stainless steel growler with neoprene koozie that has a shoulder strap. I am set. 

One of  the best pieces of branded schwag in my collection, that's for sure. It's right up there with my Timbuk2 TSE bag that I got for helping out with the race two years ago. 

It's sitting in my room begging me to take a ride down to Lyons and fill it up at Oskar Blues. In time, in time. 

I also came across this sweet 3D map of the park in the basement. I haven't a clue how they make these, but I'm stoked to have one in my room. I think cartography is all the art you need on a wall. My good friend/old roommate and I used to have a giant 6'x3' mounted 3D map of Pennsylvania in our living room. These maps beg for rides to be taken as well. 

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