Wednesday, January 2, 2013

new year new rides

New years was good. Next door neighbors opened their house, fired up their smoker, got a couple kegs and shared their whiskey.
in good company 
Riding into the park was even better today. Took 36 up to 34 and down to Devil's Gulch. No death march, but a great climb. The roads in the park are super smooth. Thanks for paying your taxes everybody! The wind here is horrible though. Takes the fun out of any descent; have to ride the brakes out of fear that a gust will blow me off the roads, many of which don't have any guards, and lengthy drops beyond the pavement. One such gust this ride hit me and it felt like a dog ran into my front wheel.

climbing up 36

coming back on Devil's Gulch
leg warmers, bib shorts, bib tights, wool socks. still cold. 
What really got me excited, besides that sore feeling of getting in a solid winter ride, was my Stanley that came in today. Bomb proof and bad ass. It's the little things. Christened it with a mexican mocha at the local cafe. Two hours later what remained was still piping hot. Apparently, it insulates even longer than this. I look forward to testing this claim.

Stanley Nineteen13

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