Saturday, January 19, 2013

There once was a ride...

There was once a ride I used to ride
It was a lot of climbing and hard no matter how I tried
They called it Black Mo
Who's "Mo", I may never know

Now I have a new road to climb
Today I rode it and I took my time
Leaving Lyons I rolled along St Vrain
If I knew the elevation gain, I'd think it was insane

7,501 cumulative feet skyward
As the wind tried to blow me down, expletives could be heard
When I thought I was near the top
A sign reading "Estes Park 23miles" made me want to stop

Those last twenty rolled on forever
This was turning into quite the epic endeavor 
A stop for a smoothie in town left me stupid cold
I felt like a dumbass, but this story at least I told

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